The battle was won. Smoke hung in the air. Charred armor littered the stone floor. The warrior raced ahead, seeking signs of life. A muffled sob stopped him. Peering into the darkness, he saw her chained to the wall. Her mouth was bound. Tears fell from her luminous eyes. Heart pounding, he smashed down the gate. The princess looked up in shock. With a fiery breath, the warrior melted her binding chains then pulled the cloth from her mouth, freeing her voice. The pair ran into the courtyard and together they raised their wings and flew off into the night.

This was my entry for a flash fiction reading at the Library. It was inspired by tales of knights and castles. I just reversed the typical roles of the dragon and the knights for this story. The dragon became the hero and the knight was the villain.


One thought on “Warrior

  1. I really enjoyed your first story. Looking forward to reading them all.

    Keep your feet on the ground, but reach for stars.

    Uncle Larry


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