The Kingdom of Emmethyr week 2

I’ve been working on this place for a while, most of it was just mapping out the territory. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Mojang fixes some of the bugs when 1.9 comes out! (such as the chunks disappearing beneath your feet and sending half your flock of sheep into the void – just minor things.)

As for the kingdom; I’ve mapped out a bit more territory and realized that there’s a peninsula above my city that looks like a rabbit.  (the area is circled in gold) Also funny, that ‘Rabbit’ is about a full kilometer across. It needs a name.

The mighty rabbit peninsula...

The mighty rabbit peninsula…

I’ve got some more buildings done, they’re going rather quickly because I’m in creative mode but I’ll switch over to survival soon. Thankfully, the land is full of forests. Big, huge, lag-inducing forests. (anyone who plays this will realize just how slow it can get trying to get across a roofed forest).

City Hall

City Hall

I’m working on the potions lab at the moment, hopefully that might go a little faster than city hall did.  I’m also working on a dramatic backstory for the city and kingdom, so that’ll be up soon also. (What? Every fantasy kingdom needs a dramatic and tragic backstory. ) Enjoy!


Blink and you’ll miss it

I closed the door quietly and took five deep breaths. After a second’s pause I reached forward slowly and gripped the door knob. A second more passed and I opened it slowly.

The room on the other side was fairly empty except for the painting supplies I was supposed to be clearing out. The house was really old and needed tons of repairs and refurbishing. The other folks were all downstairs working on the floors and stairs.

What bothered me was that creepy statue that stood in the center of the room. It hadn’t been there when the painters had finished earlier; I’d asked them. I figured one of the gardeners had moved it up here to get it out of the way, but why they would go through the trouble of carrying it up two flights of narrow, rickety stairs was beyond me.

It was sort of pretty, I guess. Her face was a soft oval and her eyes slanted upward just slightly. Her rosebud lips were parted slightly and there was almost a slight smile about them. Her hair was carved in an elegant style on the top of her head. Her angel wings were folded behind her gracefully.

Picking up wads of paper and old tape, I kept my eye on the statue. It was very pretty, but there was kind of a creepy vibe about it. Something I couldn’t quite place. Turning my back, I faced the old fireplace and began clearing more tape from around the edges.

A cold breeze drafted down my neck I turned around. The room was empty.

The statue was gone.

The Kingdom of Emmethyr – a Minecraft Build

I’ve started working on an epic Minecraft build, like the ones that are always  featured on the Mojang blog or in Minecraft you tube videos. Yes, it’s kind of ambitious, but I’m giving myself plenty of time to do it. Also, it’s too hot to go outside or do much else, actually. So yes, I have plenty of time to build.

So, what exactly am I going to build? Well, I decided on a medieval Kingdom. I picked the name ‘Emmethyr’ for the Kingdom because it’s a cool sounding name. I’m not sure what it means or where it comes from, but hopefully it doesn’t mean anything offensive in a foreign language.

The next step is kind of tricky. Picking a spot to build. I figured that a bay or a cove would be great, especially if Mojang plans to add large ships in the future (otherwise the Kingdom is protected by a vast armada of single-person paddle boats). The dock itself was fairly easy to build. (I’m using creative mode right now)

A day may come when I find time to make the dock somewhat larger, but today is not that day

A day may come when I find time to make the dock somewhat larger, but today is not that day.

I’m still working on step three – mapping. This is important because I need to find out where all the good resources are. Of course, all the good resources are on the other side of the continent. Aside from about thirty random villages spread out around the base.

Note the massive forest and beautiful mountains several kilometers from my base.

Note the massive forest and beautiful mountains several kilometers from my base.

As for buildings, I have a couple of them done. I won’t do much more construction until I get a better idea of how large the Kingdom is and what kind of biomes are in it. Maybe the Capital will have treasures from all over the kingdom. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!