Blink and you’ll miss it

I closed the door quietly and took five deep breaths. After a second’s pause I reached forward slowly and gripped the door knob. A second more passed and I opened it slowly.

The room on the other side was fairly empty except for the painting supplies I was supposed to be clearing out. The house was really old and needed tons of repairs and refurbishing. The other folks were all downstairs working on the floors and stairs.

What bothered me was that creepy statue that stood in the center of the room. It hadn’t been there when the painters had finished earlier; I’d asked them. I figured one of the gardeners had moved it up here to get it out of the way, but why they would go through the trouble of carrying it up two flights of narrow, rickety stairs was beyond me.

It was sort of pretty, I guess. Her face was a soft oval and her eyes slanted upward just slightly. Her rosebud lips were parted slightly and there was almost a slight smile about them. Her hair was carved in an elegant style on the top of her head. Her angel wings were folded behind her gracefully.

Picking up wads of paper and old tape, I kept my eye on the statue. It was very pretty, but there was kind of a creepy vibe about it. Something I couldn’t quite place. Turning my back, I faced the old fireplace and began clearing more tape from around the edges.

A cold breeze drafted down my neck I turned around. The room was empty.

The statue was gone.


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