The Kingdom of Emmethyr week 2

I’ve been working on this place for a while, most of it was just mapping out the territory. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Mojang fixes some of the bugs when 1.9 comes out! (such as the chunks disappearing beneath your feet and sending half your flock of sheep into the void – just minor things.)

As for the kingdom; I’ve mapped out a bit more territory and realized that there’s a peninsula above my city that looks like a rabbit.  (the area is circled in gold) Also funny, that ‘Rabbit’ is about a full kilometer across. It needs a name.

The mighty rabbit peninsula...

The mighty rabbit peninsula…

I’ve got some more buildings done, they’re going rather quickly because I’m in creative mode but I’ll switch over to survival soon. Thankfully, the land is full of forests. Big, huge, lag-inducing forests. (anyone who plays this will realize just how slow it can get trying to get across a roofed forest).

City Hall

City Hall

I’m working on the potions lab at the moment, hopefully that might go a little faster than city hall did.  I’m also working on a dramatic backstory for the city and kingdom, so that’ll be up soon also. (What? Every fantasy kingdom needs a dramatic and tragic backstory. ) Enjoy!


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