Autumn Surprise! BOO!

In case you wonder what I’ve been doing lately, it’s schoolwork. Probably the same thing you’ve been doing, too. Like anyone whose still in school I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on this blog, but I’ve got a little treat in store for you.  It’s a longer story that I’ll be posting in “Chapter” increments starting in October.  The basic premise is about a cursed doll and a lost little girl. Spooky, huh? Okay, not really.

But anyway, in the spirit of ‘It’s-Fall-so-let’s-make-everything-Halloween-themed’ I’ve decided to use this post to give you a list of the scariest games and movies I’ve played and read.

  1. The Ghost of Thornton Hall.

I haven’t played “Five nights at Freddies” yet, but plan to do so in the future, as it will most likely take this game’s place at the top of this list. As of right now, though, this is the scariest computer game I’ve ever played. There isn’t any gore, just paranoia and a rather operatic soundtrack. This game is one in a series of games known as the “Nancy Drew Mystery games”, in which you play (obviously) as Nancy Drew, solving mysteries and having adventures.

In this installment, Nancy Is called to Blackrock Island because a bride-to-be has disappeared during her bachelorette party. Many of the Bride’s family members are blaming the ghost of the Island – Charlotte Ann Thornton – on her disappearance.

Compared to some horror games out there, this game is pretty tame, but the story line is the most frightening part. One facet of the story is the rhyme that children would sing to try and get Charlotte to make an appearance, as a sort of game.

Fire so red, Night so black, Dear sweet Charlotte, Please come back.

So yes. Very creepy.

2 – Blink             (SPOILER ALERT)

Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you somehow wake up in a strange place, with no idea how you got there and no way to get back? The weeping angels play on that fear in a huge way during the Doctor Who episode “Blink”.

The Episode doesn’t really include the Doctor, so much as the lines “Don’t Blink. Don’t even Blink.” Instead the episode centers around a girl named Sally Sparrow whose friend is taken by the weeping angels and sent back to 1920.

I’m not going to post any more spoilers, but for anyone who has yet to see the weeping angels, you’re in for a treat… or maybe just nightmares.


3 – The Woman In Black

I don’t think a whole lot of people saw this. The sequel sucked, but the first installment was rather interesting. The movie centers around an island where children continue to keep committing suicide randomly. Our main hero is played by Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a Harry Potter) who is trying to sort out the will of an eccentric old woman who left behind a massive estate. The estate that’s haunted by the anguished soul of the woman’s sister, whose son the old woman was in charge of taking care of and accidentally let drown in the marsh. (thus, ghost haunting. It makes perfect sense in horror-film logic.)

True to any horror film, there are plenty of moments where I wanted to scream “DUDE. LOOK BEHIND YOU.” and “WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE? The chair is rocking on it’s own! Just run already!” and true to any horror film, the protagonist doesn’t listen to sound advice.

Of course, combine this with the “Ghost of Thornton Hall” and you get a life long fear of women in dark, Victorian clothing. Still, the movie is pretty good for a fright.


4 – Night of the Living Dead

I watched it on Halloween with my Dad. There’s a good reason that this is one of the go-to films for the Halloween season. The story is that the dead are being reanimated by toxic radiation from Venus, and people are being advised to stay inside.

There’s a death within the first ten minutes due to one of the Zombies sneaking up behind a couple. Unlike the previous horror film, everyone is still in normal clothing.


The real fear comes when a child near the climax of the film dies, and the father tries to keeps her near him, thinking nothing bad will happen. True to the nature of horror films and the word ‘horror’ in general, bad things happen. The father is eaten. By the child. It’s simply the fact that an innocent little girl was turned into a monster that may make or break the movie.

On an interesting note, it seems this move scared people so badly that they included the reference in the first episode of “The Walking Dead”. (I really don’t like the show, but it’s absolutely everywhere so there’s really no getting away from it.)


My first Blog award!

I’m so happy right now! Dumbledoresarmyat221b just made my day. I was nominated for my first blog award. There are some rules though.


Now I’ll put seven things about me….

  1.  I go to an online school. It’s not nearly as easy as some people think. Actually, it’s a lot harder than the normal schools I’ve been to in the past. The workload is supposed to be ‘college level’ to prepare us.

2.  I’ve lived in three different states, the current one is Minnesota. I love     camping and looking for agates up north. I went to the moose lake agate stampede this year and I recommend it to everyone.

3. My favorite movie in the entire world is “How to train your Dragon”. It is seriously one of the best movies ever. The ending is just perfect.


4. I love archery! It’s my favorite sport and I love playing “archery golf” with my dad. (Archery Golf is where you pick a target and shoot the arrow, then pick another target from where that arrow landed.)

5.  I love the movie “Brave”, not just because I look like Merida, but I love a princess who isn’t needy or doesn’t believe she needs someone to complete her


6.  I can stand cold weather better than a lot of people.


7.  Peter Capaldi is my favorite Doctor!


And now I nominate…. *drumroll*


Ana Spoke



The Pictures Show

It’s not 15 , but it’s as many as I could round up! 🙂 Thank you!

Doctor Who Season 9 excitement!

Saturday is going to be awesome.

Because anyone who’s been paying attention to the nerds lately will realize that the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ is going to premier on Saturday, September 19th. I’ve even got my costume planned… my Dalek dress is ready!  So, in my anticipation I decided to write down a list of things that I think should happen either in this season or the following.


1 –

Get. Rid. Of. Clara.

Yes, she’s the ‘Impossible girl’ but at this point the cow’s been milked to death and Clara seems to be a bit of a ‘Mary Sue’. The newest Doctor is incredibly dynamic and much more emotional that you’d be led to believe by his appearance. He should have a companion with similar depth…. And who isn’t so perfect. She’s also been here for quite a while and I’d hate for her to wind up with a fate like Rose Tyler’s.


This leads me to my next point…


2 –


We all remember her from the Christmas special; she’s funny, energetic and definite not perfect. She’d be the perfect companion for Capaldi’s Doctor because she’d be the foil – his opposite. Where the current Doctor is withdrawn and kind of grumpy, Shona is cheerful and enthusiastic. She’s smart enough to think her way around, but also has a funny, childish manner that made everyone like her so much during the special.


3 –


I don’t think Rusty would be a very good companion, being a Dalek and all. But as a recurring character he could easily lead into some good episodes and story lines. ‘Into the Dalek’ was a great episode – Rusty’s description of a star being born is almost poetic. The scene where the Doctor asks if there’s more to his mind than hate is one of the strongest scenes of the previous season and of the twelfth Doctor.

Now, I would go on to say that I’d love to see the weeping angels back in DW, but seeing as they were run into the ground during season seven, I’m going to refrain from that.

What do you suppose will happen in this next season?


Nancy Drew Games: A review

I’ve been playing the Nancy Drew mystery games for a long time now (I started back in 2010 with ‘Shadow at the waters’ edge’) and I figured with the changes going on in Her Interactive right now It would fun to do a list of my favorite Nancy Drew games (and why they’re my favorite).


1.  The Ghost of Thornton Hall


I love this game so much I can play through senior detective mode by memory. I was Charlotte Thornton for Halloween (and might be again this year). Charlotte haunts my nightmares more than anyone else.

In this Installment Nancy Drew is called to Blackrock Island to investigate the disappearance of Jessalyn Thornton. Some people think Jessalyn ran away, others believe she was kidnapped by the island’s resident ghost; Charlotte Ann Thornton.

Seems cheesy? Nope. Charlotte was alive in the 1980’s and burned alive during her 21st birthday ball. The story is phenomenal and the characters seem real. There isn’t any gore, but there are a couple of jump scares. I also recommend not playing this with the lights off.


2. Sea of Darkness

I love history, tragic back stories , and the ocean. This game combined all of those things.  Taking Nancy Drew to Iceland, Nancy was called to investigate a strange ship in a small town. A man disappeared after leaving the ship, the Heerlijkheid, and no one has seen him. There are rumors of a treasure surrounding the ship and some people think that the man ran off with the treasure, leaving his partner behind.

This one isn’t scary, so much as sort of sad. The history behind the boat itself is bittersweet, but also packing an awesome dose of Icelandic culture with it. (two words, VIKING SWORDS) There are awesome areas to explore and some sweet language games to play!


3.  Tomb of the Lost Queen


This one is probably one of the most educational of all the Nancy Drew games. Nancy is called out on an expedition with a group of archaeologists who may have found the tomb of Nefertari. After the leader of the expedition gets clobbered on the back of the head, and a substitute steps in, things go from good to really, really bad.

My only problem with this one was part of the ‘curse’ Nancy experiences. (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT) toward the end of the game a mummy goes missing from the burial chamber. No one knows where it went, but after you find the culprit if you look into the chamber again, the coffin once again contains the mummy. How did it get back in there? (Nancy actually questions this during game play)


4.   Legend of the Crystal Skull


This game has a pretty sweet  jump scare at the start of the game, but other than that it’s pretty mellow. Nancy is visiting New Orleans with her friend, Bess Marvin, and they find that the Uncle of the friend they are visiting may have not died ‘accidentally’.

All in all a pretty good game, once you get past the maze-like graveyard you can pretty much get around anywhere.



And for a bonus… my least favorite Nancy Drew game!


Trail of the Twister!

This made it to my least favorite game position due to its complete lack of story line and obnoxious driving mechanics. While the weather effects themselves are dangerous, the characters in this game seem flat and stereotypical. Like grandfatherly “Pa” from the general store to the edgy, young group of storm chasers.


Now, what’s your favorite Nancy Drew game?