Doctor Who Season 9 excitement!

Saturday is going to be awesome.

Because anyone who’s been paying attention to the nerds lately will realize that the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ is going to premier on Saturday, September 19th. I’ve even got my costume planned… my Dalek dress is ready!  So, in my anticipation I decided to write down a list of things that I think should happen either in this season or the following.


1 –

Get. Rid. Of. Clara.

Yes, she’s the ‘Impossible girl’ but at this point the cow’s been milked to death and Clara seems to be a bit of a ‘Mary Sue’. The newest Doctor is incredibly dynamic and much more emotional that you’d be led to believe by his appearance. He should have a companion with similar depth…. And who isn’t so perfect. She’s also been here for quite a while and I’d hate for her to wind up with a fate like Rose Tyler’s.


This leads me to my next point…


2 –


We all remember her from the Christmas special; she’s funny, energetic and definite not perfect. She’d be the perfect companion for Capaldi’s Doctor because she’d be the foil – his opposite. Where the current Doctor is withdrawn and kind of grumpy, Shona is cheerful and enthusiastic. She’s smart enough to think her way around, but also has a funny, childish manner that made everyone like her so much during the special.


3 –


I don’t think Rusty would be a very good companion, being a Dalek and all. But as a recurring character he could easily lead into some good episodes and story lines. ‘Into the Dalek’ was a great episode – Rusty’s description of a star being born is almost poetic. The scene where the Doctor asks if there’s more to his mind than hate is one of the strongest scenes of the previous season and of the twelfth Doctor.

Now, I would go on to say that I’d love to see the weeping angels back in DW, but seeing as they were run into the ground during season seven, I’m going to refrain from that.

What do you suppose will happen in this next season?



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