Autumn Surprise! BOO!

In case you wonder what I’ve been doing lately, it’s schoolwork. Probably the same thing you’ve been doing, too. Like anyone whose still in school I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on this blog, but I’ve got a little treat in store for you.  It’s a longer story that I’ll be posting in “Chapter” increments starting in October.  The basic premise is about a cursed doll and a lost little girl. Spooky, huh? Okay, not really.

But anyway, in the spirit of ‘It’s-Fall-so-let’s-make-everything-Halloween-themed’ I’ve decided to use this post to give you a list of the scariest games and movies I’ve played and read.

  1. The Ghost of Thornton Hall.

I haven’t played “Five nights at Freddies” yet, but plan to do so in the future, as it will most likely take this game’s place at the top of this list. As of right now, though, this is the scariest computer game I’ve ever played. There isn’t any gore, just paranoia and a rather operatic soundtrack. This game is one in a series of games known as the “Nancy Drew Mystery games”, in which you play (obviously) as Nancy Drew, solving mysteries and having adventures.

In this installment, Nancy Is called to Blackrock Island because a bride-to-be has disappeared during her bachelorette party. Many of the Bride’s family members are blaming the ghost of the Island – Charlotte Ann Thornton – on her disappearance.

Compared to some horror games out there, this game is pretty tame, but the story line is the most frightening part. One facet of the story is the rhyme that children would sing to try and get Charlotte to make an appearance, as a sort of game.

Fire so red, Night so black, Dear sweet Charlotte, Please come back.

So yes. Very creepy.

2 – Blink             (SPOILER ALERT)

Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you somehow wake up in a strange place, with no idea how you got there and no way to get back? The weeping angels play on that fear in a huge way during the Doctor Who episode “Blink”.

The Episode doesn’t really include the Doctor, so much as the lines “Don’t Blink. Don’t even Blink.” Instead the episode centers around a girl named Sally Sparrow whose friend is taken by the weeping angels and sent back to 1920.

I’m not going to post any more spoilers, but for anyone who has yet to see the weeping angels, you’re in for a treat… or maybe just nightmares.


3 – The Woman In Black

I don’t think a whole lot of people saw this. The sequel sucked, but the first installment was rather interesting. The movie centers around an island where children continue to keep committing suicide randomly. Our main hero is played by Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a Harry Potter) who is trying to sort out the will of an eccentric old woman who left behind a massive estate. The estate that’s haunted by the anguished soul of the woman’s sister, whose son the old woman was in charge of taking care of and accidentally let drown in the marsh. (thus, ghost haunting. It makes perfect sense in horror-film logic.)

True to any horror film, there are plenty of moments where I wanted to scream “DUDE. LOOK BEHIND YOU.” and “WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE? The chair is rocking on it’s own! Just run already!” and true to any horror film, the protagonist doesn’t listen to sound advice.

Of course, combine this with the “Ghost of Thornton Hall” and you get a life long fear of women in dark, Victorian clothing. Still, the movie is pretty good for a fright.


4 – Night of the Living Dead

I watched it on Halloween with my Dad. There’s a good reason that this is one of the go-to films for the Halloween season. The story is that the dead are being reanimated by toxic radiation from Venus, and people are being advised to stay inside.

There’s a death within the first ten minutes due to one of the Zombies sneaking up behind a couple. Unlike the previous horror film, everyone is still in normal clothing.


The real fear comes when a child near the climax of the film dies, and the father tries to keeps her near him, thinking nothing bad will happen. True to the nature of horror films and the word ‘horror’ in general, bad things happen. The father is eaten. By the child. It’s simply the fact that an innocent little girl was turned into a monster that may make or break the movie.

On an interesting note, it seems this move scared people so badly that they included the reference in the first episode of “The Walking Dead”. (I really don’t like the show, but it’s absolutely everywhere so there’s really no getting away from it.)


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