Back to the Future: Fashion of “2015” Cosplay

As many of you may realize, today is “Back to the Future day”, the day that Marty McFly  and Doc came to the future from the 1980’s. That means – you guessed it – cosplay time! This time, I’ll be cosplaying as some random teen from the 2015 shown in Back to the Future.

Since I’m still a student and completely broke, that means using what I have on hand. In this case, I happen to have:

1 Vinyl tablecloth

A bag of makeup (basically any colors will do, as long as they don’t coordinate)

A blue tank top

90,673,145,267 staples and a stapler

Glittery wrapping paper

So I started off with just cutting out a huge rectangle (in this case 40″ wide and 17″ tall so it would be a mini skirt once hemmed). I needed the costume to have that “Futuristic” look and feel to it so, yes, the vinyl does do a good job with that. (Cosplay tip: Vinyl doesn’t breathe, I recommend not using it too close to your body unless you’d like to smell like Chewbacca after a few minutes of trick-or-treating)

Cutting out and

Cutting out and “hemming” the vinyl tablecloth with a stapler. Yeah, I’m that cheap.

One plus side to vinyl is that it doesn’t fray, the downside is that it is neither fire proof (watch it around jack-o-lanterns) or as I previously said – breathable.


So… much… GLITTER!

The nice thing about the wrapping paper is that it glues rather nicely, if I had glue. Which I didn’t. That’s why it’s is stapled too, along with just about 90% of the costume.  Now the hard part is getting it to fit. When you staple up the side, make sure to leave a gap so you can “gather” the skirt at the top with a ribbon

I didn't even know that I had blue eyeliner. Apparently I did.

I didn’t even know that I had blue eyeliner. Apparently I did.

Now, when doing the makeup, more is better. The more colors, the more glitter, the more layers – just more of everything. I used a lot of blue. You might theme your assemble with yellow or orange or maybe the entire rainbow. For the lipstick you should probably do something bright and fun, all I have is red, but neon colors such as yellow or purple would probably fit in just fine. (Cosplay tip: don’t stab yourself in the eye with the eyeliner crayon, it hurts.)

The earrings turned out fun because they’re actually two pairs of earrings that I looped inside one another to get that bubble affect . You might find some actual earrings to wear that would work better.

No amount of face powder will get rid of that glare.

No amount of face powder will get rid of the forehead glare.

My trainers finished off the look. The skirt turned out rather nice and…I’m going to apologize in advance for any retinal or vision damage caused by the blinding glare radiating from my skin in this picture.


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