Doctor Who : Heaven Sent

Okay. To say that I was somewhat excited by the end of today’s Doctor Who episode would be an understatement.


To say I jumped up in the middle of the living room and began squealing loudly at the sight of the desert landscape and the small, oddly dressed child, would be more accurate.


Seriously. DUDE. I haven’t been this excited for a Doctor Who finale in a very long time! I was super excited when he told the boy that he ‘took the long way around’, because if any of you remember Matt Smith’s last episode he says the same exact thing when discussing the future with Clara. That he’s going home the long way around.

Indeed. The episode started off very slowly and both my Mom and I were wondering just why they were insisting on that repeat montage of Twelve punching a wall of diamond… UNTIL…


We realized he was counting up the years as he punched the wall of diamond. Slowly eroding it away with the billions of years. I’m assuming to get that perfect doorway he made that he’d have to punch near the floor too, or kick it. Either way, it’s probably the most extreme example of ‘Slow but Steady’ I’ve ever seen in my life.


Let it go Minionese

Yes. I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Why another dub? Why so many dubs?”. Because I can, that’s why. I used  to make this. Your welcome.

Also, if you think this is funny enough I might actually record myself singing it for you. You’ve been warned, I sing like a minion. (I’d love to see someone actually singing this.)


Let it go, Minionese (Let pik go, Seep pik go)


Ta snoka glows wye en ta monton trygag

Not a pedo-ah da be gon

A tubute de hodwhy

Yee, pik bis ko Het ta Won.


Ta nus tis howling ko ba swirling mad novhat

Ergpay tenga pik een, heaven uta Ka


Domo! seep vus een, domo seep vus see

Be ta leelas pappala to adtut kaylay da be

Arttwo, domo mara, domo seep vus cono!

Lam, prompo feila cono!


Let! pik go, Seep pik go

Takan nop pik bok anymo

Let pik go! Seep pik go!

Turn cos yee slam ta door


I! domo care

What momwax pata da say

Let ta mad raivo…

The, toy nopa plaget me daugiau ne


Labada sim amee tem kafar

Dug midoo uns itoll

Yee ta dup pak hod wokyew me

Takan linda da mi ka oll!


Labada! veela da verlo wha Ka pudum do

To tho ta dugria yee ich through

No recha, no seg, no qua nunu me Het free!


Let! pik go! Seep pik go!

Ka am da com ta nus yee lia!

Let pik go! Seep pik go!

You’ll nopa verlo mi grito!


Acha Ka stand

yee acha eft stay

Let ta mad raivo


Mi! meyay flurries thru ta ara enta ta ground

My toca tis gippea een rahras vumjug tadda woeod!

Yee da moo baysipalla ko nan icy nus!

Het nopa pata back,

Ta, lego tis een ta lego!


Let! pik go, Seep pik go!

Yee Eft dif ko ta ich de aaheeh!

Let pik go! Seep pik go!

Pak absfou pappala tis noesta!


Aca Ka stand!

Een ta luz de day

Let ta mad raivo

Ta, toy nopa plaget daugiau ne!

Face the Raven: A Whovian Review




It may be a few days late, but I must admit that I loved ‘Face the Raven’. The fact that Clara didn’t get a melodramatic send off like a few previous companions did is interesting – as opposed to being sent to a different dimension (Rose Tyler), or sucked back into the 1940’s by weeping angel AFTER falling off of a building (the Ponds), Clara brought her fate onto herself willingly. She chose to take the fate that was supposed to be Rigsy’s.

Clara’s last moments were brilliant, the instructions she gives the doctor, telling him not to be bitter or to seek revenge, were beautiful. The fact that Clara’s companion death was a quiet one compared to previous companions is touching in it’s own way, as this is the end of the impossible girl.


Or is it?


We all know that various Clara incarnates were spread across the heavens by the time stream, so who knows? We may not have seen the last of Clara Oswold.

But this leaves us with one more question. What’s next for the Doctor? Who will his next companion be? My personal vote is with Shona. (Remember her from ‘Last Christmas’?) I think that with her bright and funk personality she’d bring a little bit more life into the TARDIS. She’d be the perfect foil for the Doctor, who would be especially quiet and introverted after the death of his long time friend.

Who do you think would be a good companion?

Maggie versus Pan Fried Chicken

It’s that time again, folks! Time for the iron-kitchen smackdown that is my homework. This time, I’ll be making pan fried chicken. A simple, somewhat healthier alternative to the deep fried stuff.

I'm not spice savvy... I'm spice PSYCHO!

I’m not spice savvy… I’m spice PSYCHO!

So, simple enough. You need chicken of course, I used about five drumsticks and five thighs, and flour. I recommend starting with about 2 cups of flour and add to that if you don’t know if it’ll be enough. Oil to cook it in is useful, too. I don’t really recommend canola oil or anything other than olive oil because olive oil is A) better for you B) tastes better and C) has a relatively high flash point so you’re likely to spontaneously combust.Chef tip: Never attempt to put out a grease fire with a cup of water, your eyebrows will never grown back. TRUST ME.

At this point, you have the basics. Add whatever spices you like to the flour  mix before you roll the chicken in it. I’m nuts for spices and anything spicy, so I used chili powder, garlic, onion, black pepper, salt, and paprika. You can pretty much do whatever spices you like, but if you add too much then you may get some complaints from your siblings, if you have any. (“Your mouth is NOT on fire, Anne. Now stop talking and eat!”)

Flour power, bro.

Flour power, bro.

The nice thing about this project is that I learned some important facts about making chicken from gigantic, whole chunks. My mom ended up showing me her trick to detaching the drumsticks (break them), and rolling them in the flour ended up a huge mess because I forgot about that thing flour does if you flop something in it (POOF) and I ended up feeling more like the Swedish chef than Julia Child afterwards.

At this point you should try and think about what you want to serve with the dinner, I went with mashed potatoes and veggies, because I like veggies. On an interesting note, it’s kind of hard to work with three functional burners. Why only three? One of them possessed by spirits, that’s why. It has this nasty tendency to turn itself on at weird times and no matter what the dial says on the oven, the burner is going to switch to the temperature of Mordor in the middle of summer. Maria says it’s just a bad connection somewhere, but I know better… does anyone know if they do exorcisms on stoves?

Wait. Where was I? Oh, yes. The chicken.

At this point, it should look something like this.

Nothing's on fire, so far...

Nothing’s on fire, so far…

If your chicken looks like this, great! You’re doing well! Now, just remember that chicken needs to cook to an internal temp of at 165 degrees Fahrenheit before it’s safe (80 degrees for those folks using Celsius) and you can eat it. This is what thermometers were made for.  Chef Tip: Avoid letting the chicken reach 165 degrees CELSIUS because the chicken will certainly scorch, but that’s the least of your worries depending on what type of oil you used.



In all, the food turned out rather well. The effort that went into this homework was well worth it. Learning to cook is a very valuable skill in life! We can even get some fun jokes and stories out of it. Heck, just yesterday my Culinary teacher said we should try making Lobster Thermidor next!

At least, I think she was joking.

The Zygon Inversion – a review by Pendragon

After last night’s Doctor Who episode, I have but a few simple words.

Just a quick warning though.





I believe we may have seen one of the new regeneration’s crowning moments last night. The entire speech about forgiveness and the futility of war, while border lining onto peace-nik, was incredible. Maybe you don’t agree that you should forgive “Bonnie”, but isn’t that what we’re supposed to do with our enemies? Pray for them, forgive them, and move on.

The Osgood Box fiasco was brilliantly executed and very clever. Of course they were just empty boxes! Kind of the opposite of the Tardis when you think about it. As the Tardis is an unimportant police box that contains some of the most important tech in the universe, the Osgood boxes are extremely important and yet contain nothing.

I also think I figured out the Osgoods. I think. I’m pretty sure the one we’re looking at for most of the episode is the human, because it wouldn’t make much sense for a zygon to copy a zygon that’s copying a dead human. It’s like copying an article, then copying the copy, and so one. Eventually it the copy gets degraded and watered down. The other “Bonnie” zygon also would have had to scan the original DNA of Osgood to assume the form, and she wouldn’t have been able to copy any original DNA off of the copy. So that’s just my theory.

All in all, a good episode.

Of Hornets and Younger Siblings

The call came at noon. I’d been staring at my computer screen for the past three hours, attempting to decipher the mass of homework that had accumulated on my desktop in the past month, trying to find a report that had gotten lost in the labyrinth of saved files.

They charged into the room headfirst, slamming the door behind them. Anne’s hair was flying everywhere and Maria was wielding a fly swatter. Since it’s November Maria had decided to go out and grab some firewood to put on the stove, anyone who owns a wood stove and uses firewood knows that various bugs like to hibernate over winter in said piles of wood. They soon warm up in the house and wake up.

This had happened with a rather large specimen of Hymenoptera Vespidae and it was now buzzing around our living room like a miniature plane of war. It soon landed on a lamp in the middle of the kitchen ceiling and stared at us menacingly.

Tip: Hairspray (preferably the Extra-Strong variety) is good for immobilizing the critter while you find something to squish it with. The only downside to this method is that it is found that spraying copious amounts of hairspray near a wood stove is a very bad idea. In the words of Anne “At least he hornet’s gone!”.

As are my eyebrows…