Of Hornets and Younger Siblings

The call came at noon. I’d been staring at my computer screen for the past three hours, attempting to decipher the mass of homework that had accumulated on my desktop in the past month, trying to find a report that had gotten lost in the labyrinth of saved files.

They charged into the room headfirst, slamming the door behind them. Anne’s hair was flying everywhere and Maria was wielding a fly swatter. Since it’s November Maria had decided to go out and grab some firewood to put on the stove, anyone who owns a wood stove and uses firewood knows that various bugs like to hibernate over winter in said piles of wood. They soon warm up in the house and wake up.

This had happened with a rather large specimen of Hymenoptera Vespidae and it was now buzzing around our living room like a miniature plane of war. It soon landed on a lamp in the middle of the kitchen ceiling and stared at us menacingly.

Tip: Hairspray (preferably the Extra-Strong variety) is good for immobilizing the critter while you find something to squish it with. The only downside to this method is that it is found that spraying copious amounts of hairspray near a wood stove is a very bad idea. In the words of Anne “At least he hornet’s gone!”.

As are my eyebrows…


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