The Zygon Inversion – a review by Pendragon

After last night’s Doctor Who episode, I have but a few simple words.

Just a quick warning though.





I believe we may have seen one of the new regeneration’s crowning moments last night. The entire speech about forgiveness and the futility of war, while border lining onto peace-nik, was incredible. Maybe you don’t agree that you should forgive “Bonnie”, but isn’t that what we’re supposed to do with our enemies? Pray for them, forgive them, and move on.

The Osgood Box fiasco was brilliantly executed and very clever. Of course they were just empty boxes! Kind of the opposite of the Tardis when you think about it. As the Tardis is an unimportant police box that contains some of the most important tech in the universe, the Osgood boxes are extremely important and yet contain nothing.

I also think I figured out the Osgoods. I think. I’m pretty sure the one we’re looking at for most of the episode is the human, because it wouldn’t make much sense for a zygon to copy a zygon that’s copying a dead human. It’s like copying an article, then copying the copy, and so one. Eventually it the copy gets degraded and watered down. The other “Bonnie” zygon also would have had to scan the original DNA of Osgood to assume the form, and she wouldn’t have been able to copy any original DNA off of the copy. So that’s just my theory.

All in all, a good episode.


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