Face the Raven: A Whovian Review




It may be a few days late, but I must admit that I loved ‘Face the Raven’. The fact that Clara didn’t get a melodramatic send off like a few previous companions did is interesting – as opposed to being sent to a different dimension (Rose Tyler), or sucked back into the 1940’s by weeping angel AFTER falling off of a building (the Ponds), Clara brought her fate onto herself willingly. She chose to take the fate that was supposed to be Rigsy’s.

Clara’s last moments were brilliant, the instructions she gives the doctor, telling him not to be bitter or to seek revenge, were beautiful. The fact that Clara’s companion death was a quiet one compared to previous companions is touching in it’s own way, as this is the end of the impossible girl.


Or is it?


We all know that various Clara incarnates were spread across the heavens by the time stream, so who knows? We may not have seen the last of Clara Oswold.

But this leaves us with one more question. What’s next for the Doctor? Who will his next companion be? My personal vote is with Shona. (Remember her from ‘Last Christmas’?) I think that with her bright and funk personality she’d bring a little bit more life into the TARDIS. She’d be the perfect foil for the Doctor, who would be especially quiet and introverted after the death of his long time friend.

Who do you think would be a good companion?


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