Let it go Minionese

Yes. I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Why another dub? Why so many dubs?”. Because I can, that’s why. I used http://minionstranslator.com  to make this. Your welcome.

Also, if you think this is funny enough I might actually record myself singing it for you. You’ve been warned, I sing like a minion. (I’d love to see someone actually singing this.)


Let it go, Minionese (Let pik go, Seep pik go)


Ta snoka glows wye en ta monton trygag

Not a pedo-ah da be gon

A tubute de hodwhy

Yee, pik bis ko Het ta Won.


Ta nus tis howling ko ba swirling mad novhat

Ergpay tenga pik een, heaven uta Ka


Domo! seep vus een, domo seep vus see

Be ta leelas pappala to adtut kaylay da be

Arttwo, domo mara, domo seep vus cono!

Lam, prompo feila cono!


Let! pik go, Seep pik go

Takan nop pik bok anymo

Let pik go! Seep pik go!

Turn cos yee slam ta door


I! domo care

What momwax pata da say

Let ta mad raivo…

The, toy nopa plaget me daugiau ne


Labada sim amee tem kafar

Dug midoo uns itoll

Yee ta dup pak hod wokyew me

Takan linda da mi ka oll!


Labada! veela da verlo wha Ka pudum do

To tho ta dugria yee ich through

No recha, no seg, no qua nunu me Het free!


Let! pik go! Seep pik go!

Ka am da com ta nus yee lia!

Let pik go! Seep pik go!

You’ll nopa verlo mi grito!


Acha Ka stand

yee acha eft stay

Let ta mad raivo


Mi! meyay flurries thru ta ara enta ta ground

My toca tis gippea een rahras vumjug tadda woeod!

Yee da moo baysipalla ko nan icy nus!

Het nopa pata back,

Ta, lego tis een ta lego!


Let! pik go, Seep pik go!

Yee Eft dif ko ta ich de aaheeh!

Let pik go! Seep pik go!

Pak absfou pappala tis noesta!


Aca Ka stand!

Een ta luz de day

Let ta mad raivo

Ta, toy nopa plaget daugiau ne!


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