Doctor Who : Heaven Sent

Okay. To say that I was somewhat excited by the end of today’s Doctor Who episode would be an understatement.


To say I jumped up in the middle of the living room and began squealing loudly at the sight of the desert landscape and the small, oddly dressed child, would be more accurate.


Seriously. DUDE. I haven’t been this excited for a Doctor Who finale in a very long time! I was super excited when he told the boy that he ‘took the long way around’, because if any of you remember Matt Smith’s last episode he says the same exact thing when discussing the future with Clara. That he’s going home the long way around.

Indeed. The episode started off very slowly and both my Mom and I were wondering just why they were insisting on that repeat montage of Twelve punching a wall of diamond… UNTIL…


We realized he was counting up the years as he punched the wall of diamond. Slowly eroding it away with the billions of years. I’m assuming to get that perfect doorway he made that he’d have to punch near the floor too, or kick it. Either way, it’s probably the most extreme example of ‘Slow but Steady’ I’ve ever seen in my life.


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