Tech issues

Even though I wasn’t able to make NaNoWriMo, I did learn some extremely valuable lessons in story writing and time management. That you can get a heck of a lot done just by doing a few words a day for a long time. Also, that having a halfway decent computer is a must. I shall tell you the story of this computer, for it’s a weird one.

My computer started off wonderfully, it was “refurbished” when I purchased it. This should have been a red flag, but as this is the first laptop I purchased I went forward with it. For about a full year of school and writing it held up, it even played Minecraft rather well.

Then, slowly but surely, it began to change. Slowing to the speed of a porcupine swimming in molasses, it would occasionally do this amusing trick where the screen itself would turn off while the rest of the computer was just fine. While a normal computer can have it’s monitor turned off, this isn’t normal behavior for a laptop.

Then, it happened. The split screen of death.

I’d simply minimized my game to check the time and with a strange whirring sound the screen “flipped”. Where the right side of the screen was showing on the left side and vice versa. I have yet to figure out what caused this, but had to turn off the computer and restart it to get it stop.

I thought it was a one time thing. It wasn’t.

After many hundreds of various glitches and one near-fatal error, the big show was about to come and I had no idea what it would bring. Somehow, by some astronomical error on either my part or the computer’s… the language of Microsoft Word changed to Finnish. As in the language of Finland.

(Fun Fact: Finland is home to Santa, who lives in the Finnish region of Lapland, Finnish (i.E Suomi) isn’t in the same language family as the rest of Europe, but is instead closer to Hungarian, It’s also home to the Angry Birds)

Why did it do this? I don’t know. I looked up the instructions for changing the language of Microsoft word and it took me four hours to get the dumb thing to change back (I speak a little German, no Finnish) and when I did I failed to see how anyone could have done this by accident.

Thankfully, my computer is behaving itself today. I hope it stays that way, but if the computer transforms and tries to swear allegiance to Megatron I’m going to throw it out the window – as soon as I get it back up my files first.


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