Doctor Who: Hell Bent

While there were some episodes this season that were mediocre, to say the least (we’re looking at you Sleep no More). This final episode of the season, disregarding the upcoming Christmas special, was simply excellent.


One warning, though.





The episode starts with one very irate doctor showing up on Galifrey and being welcomed by the peasants of Galifrey who view him as a sort of war hero. Cue big-baddy showing up, in this case, the President of Galifrey. He simply sends a small ship to ‘escort’ the Doctor back to the capital. The Doctor goes back to eating his soup. Turn after turn, the President of Galifrey sends out more and more people to try and get the Doctor to come, no one knows what he wants. When a guard asks why they simply don’t just ‘Talk to him’, the President replies with “Words are his weapons, when did they stop being ours?”

Eventually, the President of Galifrey himself shows up to the Doctor, along with a small group of snipers. Asking what it is that the Doctor wants, all the Doctor replies with is “Get off my planet.”

This would obviously upset any tyrannical ruler, but after being told to shoot the Doctor, the snipers simply drop their weapons and join the Doctor’s side.


But why is the Doctor doing this? The Galifreyians keep asking about the hybrid, but is that really what the Doctor wants? Yeah, you’re right. It isn’t. What is it he wants? Well, at the beginning of the episode our good Doctor shows up to a familiar diner and, because he doesn’t have any money, plays a song for some food….


Doctor Who, Copyright BBC, 1963, 2015


Is this just another one of Clara’s versions, spinning through time and space? To cut to the chase though, when the Doctor says “The Hybrid is ME.” at the end of the last episode, I’m pretty sure most of us thought he was talking about himself. No, he was talking about ‘ME’. Or Ashildr. In reality, after meeting ‘Me’ at the end of the time stream, we find that she has watched stars die and after telling the Doctor about the beauty of these dying stars, and after telling the Doctor that she isn’t the Hybrid, we find that the Hybrid was never one being. The Doctor and Clara were the hybrid because of the threat they posed to time and space. They would have ripped the time stream apart to get to each other, and they both realized that.

Which brings us back to the beginning and why our Doctor doesn’t recognize Clara at the diner. In a plot device similar to a game of Russian roulette, the two friends sit in a stolen TARDIS (which we now know what it looks like without the chameleon circuit – SWEET) with a small device that will wipe either the Doctor from Clara’s memory, or Clara from the Doctor’s memory.  In my opinion, I’m glad Clara didn’t wind up like Donna – forgetting everything and having to go back to some peasant life.

We see what happened to Clara at the very end, where the Doctor gets HIS TARDIS back, but that leaves ‘ME’ and Clara alone with a stolen TARDIS. After watching Clara leave the room through a storage door, we see that the stolen TARDIS is hidden within the Diner, because the chameleon circuit isn’t working in that one either.  Clara and ‘ME’ leave the Doctor behind with his own TARDIS as the two girls begin their own adventures in time and space, with Clara’s body frozen between one heartbeat and the next. (This actually sounds like it’d be very useful, if you needed to hold your breath a long time, Clara would be the one for the job.)

To wrap things up, I think the season just ended wonderfully. I also laughed really hard when the Vice President regenerated as a woman. It was kind of funny and random. I’m assuming dating must be really awkward on Galifrey…

“You don’t look like your tinder picture.”

“I regenerated!”


Along with:

“You’re not the same anymore, Mike! You’ve changed! It’s like I don’t know you anymore!”

“Of course I changed, Lucille! I was hit by a bus!”


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