VIDEO: New “Angry Birds Movie” Trailer

Rovio has taken it’s first peck at the movie industry with it’s upcoming movie “The Angry Birds Movie”.

The film takes us to an Island paradise filled with happy, naive birds. Except for a few. Fiery-tempered Red (Jason Sudeikis), Whirlwind Chuck (Josh Gad), and Bomb (Danny McBride) star in this movie flying to theaters May 20, 2016. The islanders are visited by the little green pigs famous to the game and the story takes off from there. Red doesn’t trust the pigs (and seems to be one of the few birds on that island with a lick of common sense) and is intent to figure out what they’re up to.

On another note, I can relate to Red easily. We’re both Ill-tempered redheads with impressive eyebrows.

The movie looks like it’ll be fun, so I’ll make sure to see this in theaters when it’s out. Anne and Maria certainly seem to be looking forward to it and won’t stop cackling about the scene with Mighty Eagle’s “Lake of Wisdom”. I don’t usually laugh at toilet humor, but that ending was pretty freaking hilarious.








Rebuilding the Kingdom of Emmethyr

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything about my Minecraft project, the Kingdom of Emmethyr, and for good reason. Somehow that world decided it wasn’t going to load anymore and died on the crash screen. So I had to start over.

Presenting The Kingdom of Emmethyr 2.0.

I decided to try out the “Lock Difficulty” option, but before I did that I decided that in order to survive and thrive, I’d need good infrastructure and a good way to get around the redwood forest of my new world.

What other tough critters live in redwood forests? Right, I took a leaf out of the Ewok’s book and made my world a set of sky-ways.


If I had a nickel for how many pixels were in this picture, I’d have 75 cents.


While the Minecraft version I built is much higher off the ground than the Ewok village, it’s probably the most useful thing I’ve ever build in my game. I can easily get from my walled-in village near the ocean to the mining base I have off in the woods without worrying about being blow up by creepers or eaten by zombies.

Now that my difficulty is locked to normal, I may have to raise a few parts of it to keep out of the path of the Skeleton Archers’ arrows. Other than that problem, it’s pretty great. There are trees every once in a while with a ladder that leads to the ground so that in the case that someone falls off, they can get back up to the bridges easily.


Nothing says “Minecraft” quite like gazing at the sun setting behind the blocky landscape whilst a flaming sheep runs around underneath the giant bridges you built to avoid zombies, wielding an enchanted bow and an inventory full of fish.



Part of my goal was to have a kingdom filled with loyal subjects, but since I only play single player for the most part (realms occasionally) the only beings available for the conquering are the villagers. Most Minecrafters know that the villagers are anything but bright, so you have to be careful with what you build around them. It seems that Lava-Swimming and Cactus-Dancing are common pastimes in the villager world. Their stupidity is the reason I had to build a giant cage around my nether portal, they kept getting sucked in and sent to the nether. Again with the Lava-Swimming?

Anyway, as I built the place, I made sure to have plenty of iron golems and I kept the city well lit at night, so as to ward off zombie hordes. After a few minecraft days of building and mining and selling produce to the villagers, I decided that my city needed a place of meeting and fellowship, so I built a trading market straight across from this gigantic temple.



You know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the villagers stay out of it.

At first the villagers seemed to appreciate my efforts, but at night, after every other villager was hiding in their house, there would always be some poor schmuck stuck in the fountain. Caught in an endless loop of bobbing up and down in the current, the villager would wait to be rescued by me because his fellows had left him to his fate.

In another incident, one bloke got stuck in the fountain in the middle of the day and fifty-something villagers gathered around and watched him bob up and down, their heads perfectly in sync with one another as they followed his path up the fountain and back down again. Doing nothing to help him.

Villagers are heartless creatures.

I will probably have to remove the fountains.



Finals Week

As finals week comes to a close we in Minnesota are grateful. No longer do we have to worry about whether we will pass a class or not, or wonder in vain when that certain teacher will get around to grading that very important paper. No longer do we suffer from strained emotions and sudden outbursts….

“Hey, want some coffee?”


… so now we concentrate our efforts on much more important things. Like Minecraft. Also, the weekend. Let’s not forget sleep, gosh I missed that. Now that I have time to blog once again, I can revel in the irony of some of my classes. A few of them were pretty tough, some were boring, and others were easy. All in all, just your average semester.

AP English: “You can’t put this essay off until the last minute, work on it for a week.”

Later during the exam…. 

“Write an essay within an hour, must be fully planned, illustrated, and contains references to seven non-internet resources, three of which cannot be less than fifty years old, you must also provide four letters of recommendation from Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Groucho Marx, and Oprah.”


Culinary Arts: “For this assignment you must beat Bobby Flay on ‘Chopped and submit an interview with the manager of the nearest five-star restaurant in your area. Then solve world hunger while calculating the amount of spaghetti needed to feed every person in China. Then, partner up with a classmate and open a small restaurant – remember! This experience will help you later in life.”

Government: “Here’s all the evidence proving that the electoral college is stupid.”


The above is both an exothermic and a chemical reaction.

Web Design: “You’ll be smashing face against your  keyboard in anger that the CSS isn’t working like it should.”

While these aren’t all the classes I took they were at least the most… interesting… of them. I was in accounting, which is my best subject, but that wasn’t too difficult or interesting so there’s that.




Assignment time and Food for the new year!

My New Year’s resolution was to not procrastinate and to blog regularly. Needless to say I’ve failed miserably on both parts. So to make it up, here’s a casserole. It isn’t the best thing I’ve ever made, but it’s food. It’s also part of an assignment I had for my culinary arts class.

Casseroles have a repertoire of being simple food and easy to make. Sure, they’re simple, but if you forget a step you’re going to wind up getting something straight out the The Sims.

sims fire

In case of a fire, don’t sit there screaming at it. Call the fire department.

But as long as you remember the grease the pan, watch the temperature, and keep a fire extinguisher handy, you’ll be fine! Also, internal temp is really, really important. Particularly when working with egg and meat.

In case you’re wondering, yes, a casserole is called a Hot Dish in Minnesota.

You’ll need

A casserole dish (I recommend 9×13)

Ten eggs

two cups of milk (lactose free works)

1 pound of ground sausage

1 1/2 cups shredded cheese (pepper jack is very good for this)

2 cups of shredded potatoes (a.k.a ‘Hash browns’)

Butter or grease spray (SERIOUSLY, GREASE THE PAN)


The first thing you need to do is preheat the oven to about 350 degrees. This is almost as important as greasing the pan because nothing is as frustrating as putting together a dish and realizing that you need to turn the oven on and wait for it to heat up. It’s particularly annoying when you need to bake something that really should not be left on the counter at room temperature for extended periods of time. (“Oh, I’m sure the chicken is fine!”)

As it’s heating up, spread the potato shreds on the bottom of the dish. Then brown the meat in a separate pan.


meat browning

Make sure it’s cooked all the way. Not pink like this. Although, what’s a little salmonella among friends, amiright?

After you’re nearly certain that the sausage is done, spread it out over the hash browns. Try not to spill it on the floor like I did, at least I have a dog who cleaned up that mess. Not all of us are that lucky.

Next, mix the eggs and milk together. I was really tempted to add peppers to this, because I like spicy food, but then realized that would mean I’d be the only one eating the casserole. My sisters don’t like spicy food.


Beating the eggs. Satisfying in a weird sort of way.

After you mix the milk and the beat eggs together, spice it to your liking (anything goes with casseroles, trust me) and pour it over the sausage and potatoes. At this point the oven should be heated and you can put this in the oven for about 30 – 45 minutes. It sometimes takes more depending on how much you’re making.


It should look something like when you pull it out. Pretty, huh? Tasted good too. Hopefully you get similar results. I wouldn’t advise making this every day because it takes a while, but it’s great for Sunday morning breakfast.