Finals Week

As finals week comes to a close we in Minnesota are grateful. No longer do we have to worry about whether we will pass a class or not, or wonder in vain when that certain teacher will get around to grading that very important paper. No longer do we suffer from strained emotions and sudden outbursts….

“Hey, want some coffee?”


… so now we concentrate our efforts on much more important things. Like Minecraft. Also, the weekend. Let’s not forget sleep, gosh I missed that. Now that I have time to blog once again, I can revel in the irony of some of my classes. A few of them were pretty tough, some were boring, and others were easy. All in all, just your average semester.

AP English: “You can’t put this essay off until the last minute, work on it for a week.”

Later during the exam…. 

“Write an essay within an hour, must be fully planned, illustrated, and contains references to seven non-internet resources, three of which cannot be less than fifty years old, you must also provide four letters of recommendation from Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Groucho Marx, and Oprah.”


Culinary Arts: “For this assignment you must beat Bobby Flay on ‘Chopped and submit an interview with the manager of the nearest five-star restaurant in your area. Then solve world hunger while calculating the amount of spaghetti needed to feed every person in China. Then, partner up with a classmate and open a small restaurant – remember! This experience will help you later in life.”

Government: “Here’s all the evidence proving that the electoral college is stupid.”


The above is both an exothermic and a chemical reaction.

Web Design: “You’ll be smashing face against your  keyboard in anger that the CSS isn’t working like it should.”

While these aren’t all the classes I took they were at least the most… interesting… of them. I was in accounting, which is my best subject, but that wasn’t too difficult or interesting so there’s that.





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