VIDEO: New “Angry Birds Movie” Trailer

Rovio has taken it’s first peck at the movie industry with it’s upcoming movie “The Angry Birds Movie”.

The film takes us to an Island paradise filled with happy, naive birds. Except for a few. Fiery-tempered Red (Jason Sudeikis), Whirlwind Chuck (Josh Gad), and Bomb (Danny McBride) star in this movie flying to theaters May 20, 2016. The islanders are visited by the little green pigs famous to the game and the story takes off from there. Red doesn’t trust the pigs (and seems to be one of the few birds on that island with a lick of common sense) and is intent to figure out what they’re up to.

On another note, I can relate to Red easily. We’re both Ill-tempered redheads with impressive eyebrows.

The movie looks like it’ll be fun, so I’ll make sure to see this in theaters when it’s out. Anne and Maria certainly seem to be looking forward to it and won’t stop cackling about the scene with Mighty Eagle’s “Lake of Wisdom”. I don’t usually laugh at toilet humor, but that ending was pretty freaking hilarious.








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