The Science of Syrup part 2

The syrup is finished and I have a ton of photos to share! At this point the hardest part of making the syrup is keeping an eye on it and having some patience while it boils. It’s very straightforward. Just, whatever you do, do not do this inside unless you have a fire extinguisher on hand at all times and do not over boil it. You might think about keeping a first aid kit nearby, because if you get boiling sap on any part of your body I can promise that it will hurt.

As I’ve stated before, you probably should take a class before trying to make maple syrup by yourself. It’s also funner and safer if you have someone helping you along the way, so if you do accidentally catch something (or someone) on fire, you’ll have help on hand.



Very full sap bags, these can be very hard to pour out without making a big, sticky mess.


Dad pouring a portion of the syrup into a boiling pan


The spare syrup will be boiled later or used in desserts or drinks


Starting the boil process.



Notice the change in coloration? It’s turning into syrup.



Filtering the syrup before boiling it further.


It’s a nice, amber color at this point but it could be darker.


Boiling it down further with a hotplate on the porch. Classy.


This is where we had to watch the syrup at all times. The last stage we had to do indoors because it rained. You can see how thick the syrup is at this point and how dark it’s gotten.



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