12 bad reasons for rejecting scientific studies

      Recently I’ve seen a lot of anti-vaccine memes and with the recent hooplah about that family who tried to ‘cure’ their son with maple syrup of all things, I figure you should all read these wise words. This also rolls in with the ‘Fat Acceptance’ crowd. I agree that human beings come in many different body types and colors, but saying someone obese is ‘Beautiful’ is not healthy. It’s not good. Saying someone isn’t beautiful because of a skin color is different – you can’t help your skin color – but what you can do is NOT shove that second hamburger into your mouth. The Anti-vaxxers and HAES movement need to be knocked down a notch because they are contributing to the spread of misinformation and potentially threatening diseases. 


Also, thelogicofscience.com has some pretty cool stuff. You should check it out!


A few days ago, I posted what I thought was a fairly innocuous image (right) onto my blog’s Facebook page. I was, however, sadly mistaken. My page was quickly flooded with comments by people …

Source: 12 bad reasons for rejecting scientific studies


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