The Doctor’s new companion is…

…. Pearl Mackie! She will be playing a girl named Bill, who has the fashion sense of Rose Tyler and apparently Donna’s attitude. The new companion was named on Saturday on the BBC network, with many people cheering on afterwards.

Bill and the Doctor can be seen interacting in the new trailer released by BBC, which shows a bit of Bill’s personality and the contrast between her and the Doctor. In my opinion, Clara was a little bit of a Goody-two-shoes and was too similar to the Doctor in personality (or was that the point?) so having a decent foil would provide more friction to the show. If I had to pick the companion myself I would have chosen Faye Marsay, the lady who played Shona in the Last Christmas special, but Pearl Mackie is good. A companion who isn’t so perfect or flawless would be good for the series.

Bill comes on as the companion to replace Clara Oswold, who left last season after basically being turned immortal and dead at the exact same time. (Long story.)



This also comes after Moffat stepped down as the writer of Doctor Who in January, which was also followed by a lot of cheering. With a new companion and a new writer, the show could be headed in an entirely new, possibly better direction.


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