Angry Birds Movie… has good reviews!

It appears the curse on video-game-to-movie adaptions has been broken.

By the Angry Birds?

It might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you guys, it sure surprised me, but the Angry Birds Movie has premiered and is being positively reviewed by critics and viewers. Rovio and Sony came together to work on the project that will be coming to US theaters May 20.

The movie takes us to happy, idyllic Bird Island. A prosperous little village (complete with it’s own Police Department) is home to many happy, healthy, rather prolific birds of every shape and color. They’re all very happy. Except a few. The movie follows fiery Red, Speed demon Chuck, and big-hearted Bomb, as they all have to go through Anger Management. Their lives are interrupted by the arrival of a bunch of little green invaders from a mysterious ship… the pigs.


According to viewers (I was not one of them, I live too far away for any premieres) the movie is lighthearted, clever (with the Anger-Management class teacher, Matilda, referring to herself as a ‘Free Range Chicken’ being one of the jokes), and teaching a good lesson; sometimes it’s okay to be angry, but you need to know how to handle well. Didn’t we learn this in Inside Out? I guess the folks on Bird Island could use a viewing.

This is great, because I actually want to go see it. At least it’s faring better than that disaster Ratchet and Clank. I didn’t see Ratchet and Clank because the animation in the previews is rather off-putting. It looks like plastic. Can you say ‘Uncanny Valley’? Either way, the animation of the Angry Birds Movie looks beautiful, you can see all the teeny-weeny details of each individual feather on each individual bird. I’m looking forward to seeing this.

Also, on another note. Did you know there’s a Bird Island, Minnesota? Yeah, I didn’t either.


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