Angry Birds: A review

Most people are familiar with the phone game franchise the ‘Angry Birds’. It’s popularity seemed to have beaked around 2012, but as of this weekend it seems the interest is back with a gusto.



Photo: Rovio Entertainment


The Angry Birds movie has opened in theaters in America to the tune of $39 million dollars, which isn’t bad at all, and is actually very good for the franchise itself. It also has about $94 million worldwide right now, and on a budget of about $80 million that means that they’ve already broke even.  While it has mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, I knew I had to see it for myself. I went with my relatives to the theater today to see it.

Just a disclaimer though: I’m a sucker for kids movies and animation in general. Animation as an art form makes me giddy no matter what movie I’m seeing, so maybe this review will be a bit biased. Although, just for the yolks who haven’t seen it, I won’t give any major spoilers.

The Angry Birds movie opens up with the main character, who else? Our curmudgeon friend Red, whose famous outbursts of anger have placed him into Anger Management classes with the self-proclaimed ‘Free Range Chicken’ Matilda.

The movie is up to it’s armpits in bird puns, most of which are visual and have to found in the background. Some are incredibly clever and make reference to other works in movies and the media.

The humor seems to come from the Far Side, as it’s wacky, punny, and relies on a lot of slapstick to get some of the punchlines (a literal punch in one case) across. It doesn’t seem so much of a Sony movie, but it reminds me strongly of a Dreamworks film. It’s filled with rude humor, sight gags, and feathers. It has a fairly light-hearted feel up until the middle of the movie, where the pigs lay off with the Bird’s eggs.

The climax is awesome, with every bird displaying a different talent or special ability. One of them, Hal, hilariously backfires and hits a tree. Mighty Eagle (played by Peter Dinklage) is a hilarious, pompous character. Just so I don’t give out any spoilers, there’s a reference to the X-Men in there, so keep your eyes peeled.

The movie’s message is a good one, that anger isn’t a bad thing, and can be useful if applied in the right ways. Red’s character development is well done and delivers the message that we can’t always rely on other people, and sometimes you have to take responsibility for a situation. On another note, Terence and Matilda are kind of a cute couple.

All in all, I’d recommend the Angry Birds movie. It’s funny, well animated, and while It’s not Oscar-worthy material, it’s a good movie that’s worth the money for the ticket.







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