Rescued Cat: Captain Hook von Trapp

It has been an insanely long week for me and my family. We’ve spent most of this week preparing for a fundraising auction for Camp Companion, but we also had to play part in a rescue for a cat that was caught in a small animal trap in the suburbs around my city. Camp Companion has done quite a few rescues in the past, with many of the animals getting caught in gopher traps or racoon traps (neither of which hurt the animal, but just cause a huge inconvenience).

But Captain? He was caught in a rusty, outdated toothed trap, the likes of which are no longer sold or operated in general. It was also not staked down, which is also illegal. It was placed in a highly urban area , which is extremely illegal unless it’s a LIVE trap. It was also unchecked, as the cat had been stuck for nearly a week. In this state you need to check any (note: legal and licensed) traps every single day. To put the icing on the proverbial cake, the fact that this person caught and injured a non-game animal puts them as the subject of a hefty fine once they’re caught.

Warning: The following photo might disturb some people

This is Captain Hook Von Trapp, and the vet ended up having to amputate his entire leg and shoulder bone because of a horrifying infection. He’s very scared and kind of mean right now, but considering what the poor little guy went through, I don’t honestly blame him. My younger sister, who is training to work with animals, will be spending the summer working with him and getting him friendly enough and fit enough to be adopted.



Camp Companion has set up a donation site for his health costs, if anyone is interested in donating to his cause TRIGGER ALERT: BLOOD AND SERIOUS INJURIES SHOWN :

As for his unusual name, it arose out of the fact that the vet named him ‘Hook Von Trapp’, as feral or stray cats are usually given names to put onto collars or adoption folders, in this case the name worked perfect because we slapped ‘Captain’ onto the front of his name and voila! He’s a pirate with a taste in classic musicals.



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