Captain Cat update!

Sorry for the sporadic updates, but my family has been working with Captain the Cat for a little while now and I’m very proud to say that there’s been a lot of improvement. My Dad is kind of the hero of the story, because he suggested one things that might help tame him (Captain was very, very feral and would try to bite). Dad suggested we give him some of the leftover chicken in the fridge, because that trick has worked on stray pets in the past, one of them being another foster of ours, Cinderella, who was once extremely skittish until my Dad found out that Cinderella really, really loves scrambled eggs. We figured that to an animal food = safety, like  how it did with Cinderella, so we opted to give it a shot.

Lo and behold, Captain is much more friendly now and allows us to gently stroke him on the head. The area where his leg once was is still very sore and he still has his bad days, but it’s a bit of a relief that he isn’t as terrified of us as he once was. We’re hoping he’ll eventually be adopted and not have to worry about traps or wild animals again.

In other pet-related news, Camp Companion has given the trap that hurt Captain to the DNR and there is an investigation ongoing to see who set the trap and if they could find them and press charges. We’re hoping they are able to, as someone who set a trap like this is likely to do so again and pose a risk to people or pets.



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