Food! Messing with Ramen

Most of us are familiar with ramen noodles. They’re cheap. They’re (kind of) filling. They’re the stock food of students everywhere. They taste like sadness and student debt. Well, I’ve never really liked how Ramen tastes, so when I was making lunch the other day and realized that was all we had left in the pantry, I finally realized that there was something I could do about it. Also, I was hungry.

This isn’t going to be a recipe so much as a general guide for what you can do. I realized that the bad taste of ramen comes from the packet of flavoured salt they put in with the noodles. The noodles themselves were plain, so if I skipped the salt packet I could use anything on top of the ramen.

You can use anything else too, since their basically just noodles. Pesto, sauces, and the like will work to make ramen taste like how you want it to. This is not a guide to making “healthy” ramen, as there really is no such thing, but the end result should taste a bit better.


everything but the kitchen sink

         Since I decided to try and make a sort of spicy-sour ramen I chopped up a radish and two mushrooms together, and splashed a bit of lemon juice on them before adding some red pepper flakes.


I set those to the side and got ready to saute them in a tiny bit of olive oil. I don’t like using too much olive oil because it makes everything really goopy and messy.

Once those were sauteed I set them aside and mixed together tiny bits of each ponzu, oyster sauce, and sweet-n-sour sauce. I never said this would be healthy, I just said it would taste good.  Also, the amount you’re supposed to use is around a teaspoon each of the sweet-n-sour and oyster sauce, and one tablespoon of ponzu. (Which is a serving size) I added some garlic powder and black pepper to this, then mixed in the sauteed mushrooms and radish. I also added a tiny bit of water to loosen the mixture up.


After that simmered for a few minutes I kept it warm on the stove while I cooked the ramen noodles. After the noodles were done I just put the sauce on top of the ramen and voila! I don’t really know what to call it besides “I was hungry and desperate, but didn’t want the package of salt and sadness”. Either way, it tasted really good and was quite spicy. You can make your own variations of ramen in a similiar fashion.



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