“Fantastic Beasts” A review

I went to see ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them’ with my sisters and mother. This is the first “Harry Potter” film my sister had ever seen and the first one I’ve seen since the ‘Deathly Hallows’ came out in theaters. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, since the book ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ was not only very short, it had no plot at all. It was simply the fun guide to the magical creatures and animals that roamed the world that harry potter lived in.

So when the film started, I kept my mind open. I’ll admit now, it started off slow, but I loved every minute of it. The sets and costumes were stunning, and all the world-building that went into it was phenomenal. It’s important that you read the headlines of the newspapers at the beginning of the film, as they cast light on one of the characters in the film who holds an important piece of the wizarding world.

Because I took an oath to put out NO spoilers for the film, I will instead concentrate on the writing and acting of the characters. They were all brilliant and believable, but in all honesty, I must say that the fellow who played ‘Jacob’ really stole the show. His level of expression and vocal fun makes him almost cartoony compared to the stoic and quiet characters that are Newt and the others. Queenie makes me think of Luna Lovegood, not only in her speaking mannerisms, but in her appearance.

The animals are hilarious and believable, with many being inspired by real life creatures such as Rhinos and eagles. Newt Scamander comes across as a British/Wizard Steve Erwin with his interactions with the magical creatures. These include a Thunderbird named Frank. Yes, Frank the Thunderbird, whom Newt is attempting to return to the deserts of Arizona where he belongs.

So, because the ‘Harry Potter’ Fandom is under an oath of general silence, I can’t give away much more without giving away the plot, but let me say give you a hint with a riddle.


The foe of a friend

The friend of a foe

Who held death in his hands

and twice let it go?



“Trolls” review

I had the fun honor of seeing the movie ‘Trolls’ with my sisters on Sunday when we were having a girls’ day out.

Let me first say this: if you have some sort of seizure disorder, don’t see this movie. This movie is so colorful and bright that it’s almost as if a clown barfed into a box of crayons. The textures and character design are almost cloyingly cute and fun, even the Bergens.

The songs in the movie were top-notch and the way they tied into the film itself was hilarious (with one Troll literally just sitting back with a confused expression and watching everyone else singing and dancing randomly). At one point, there’s a so-called ‘Wham’ line that explains why one character does not sing or dance.

The Bergens are hilarious, while children might be more inclined to love and dote on the colorful Trolls, adults will find the Bergens hilarious and relatable. At one point in the story there’s a message of ‘Be yourself’ with a very Cinderella-esque sub-plot between two of the characters.

When I saw the movie, to be honest, I loved it. The main message of the movie is ‘Try to stay positive and accept your true colors’, basically meaning ‘Be yourself!’. I think the world needs a happy, funny movie to pick itself up with. I’m really, honestly tired of going to movies and having opinions, politics, and motives shoved down my throat. This movie did none of that. It made me and my sisters laugh. There was some humor that went way over the kids’ heads (“What’s sarcasm?” one characters asks. Another says “I think I had one once!”).  The movie hits the golden spot of being appealing to both children and adults alike.

In a time in the world where a lot of people are in a very dark place, I think everyone needs a little happy right now.

So I personally give this movie a rating of 7 stars out of ten. It wasn’t too deep or gritty, but the emotional character arcs and hidden aspects of characters (turns out, one of them is very romantic) that neither me or my sisters were expecting added a lot to the film and how it came across to us and the rest of the audience. It’s a movie I wouldn’t mind seeing again.