Happy new year! Plans and hopes.

Hello, everyone! You might be wondering why it’s been so long since I’ve last written on this blog. There have been a lot of things going on around my home for a while now, most of them pretty good. For one thing, I’ve been working on a new story that I’ll start sharing on here in the form of a webcomic.

We also had a long visit with my family, which was awesome, and I didn’t find the time to work on this blog. But now that we’re facing a brand new year, I’m going to be cracking down on the posts.

So what will I be working on?

A fictional culture taking place fifty-thousand years from now.

A full Victorian bustle-dress.

Food. Lots of food.

The Kingdom of Emmethyr in minecraft.

Getting something published this year.

Getting my learner’s permit… actually I got this one done a few days before the new year, so I completed this year’s resolution before the new year even began! Of course, I’ll have to wait until there’s a lack of ice sheets on the road to start learning.


So these are not only a small list of New-Year’s resolutions, they are also a plan I have for the year. Like any other plan, I doubt I’ll get everything on the list completed, but It will give me some awesome things to work toward.


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