Rebuilding the Kingdom of Emmethyr

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything about my Minecraft project, the Kingdom of Emmethyr, and for good reason. Somehow that world decided it wasn’t going to load anymore and died on the crash screen. So I had to start over.

Presenting The Kingdom of Emmethyr 2.0.

I decided to try out the “Lock Difficulty” option, but before I did that I decided that in order to survive and thrive, I’d need good infrastructure and a good way to get around the redwood forest of my new world.

What other tough critters live in redwood forests? Right, I took a leaf out of the Ewok’s book and made my world a set of sky-ways.


If I had a nickel for how many pixels were in this picture, I’d have 75 cents.


While the Minecraft version I built is much higher off the ground than the Ewok village, it’s probably the most useful thing I’ve ever build in my game. I can easily get from my walled-in village near the ocean to the mining base I have off in the woods without worrying about being blow up by creepers or eaten by zombies.

Now that my difficulty is locked to normal, I may have to raise a few parts of it to keep out of the path of the Skeleton Archers’ arrows. Other than that problem, it’s pretty great. There are trees every once in a while with a ladder that leads to the ground so that in the case that someone falls off, they can get back up to the bridges easily.


Nothing says “Minecraft” quite like gazing at the sun setting behind the blocky landscape whilst a flaming sheep runs around underneath the giant bridges you built to avoid zombies, wielding an enchanted bow and an inventory full of fish.



Part of my goal was to have a kingdom filled with loyal subjects, but since I only play single player for the most part (realms occasionally) the only beings available for the conquering are the villagers. Most Minecrafters know that the villagers are anything but bright, so you have to be careful with what you build around them. It seems that Lava-Swimming and Cactus-Dancing are common pastimes in the villager world. Their stupidity is the reason I had to build a giant cage around my nether portal, they kept getting sucked in and sent to the nether. Again with the Lava-Swimming?

Anyway, as I built the place, I made sure to have plenty of iron golems and I kept the city well lit at night, so as to ward off zombie hordes. After a few minecraft days of building and mining and selling produce to the villagers, I decided that my city needed a place of meeting and fellowship, so I built a trading market straight across from this gigantic temple.



You know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the villagers stay out of it.

At first the villagers seemed to appreciate my efforts, but at night, after every other villager was hiding in their house, there would always be some poor schmuck stuck in the fountain. Caught in an endless loop of bobbing up and down in the current, the villager would wait to be rescued by me because his fellows had left him to his fate.

In another incident, one bloke got stuck in the fountain in the middle of the day and fifty-something villagers gathered around and watched him bob up and down, their heads perfectly in sync with one another as they followed his path up the fountain and back down again. Doing nothing to help him.

Villagers are heartless creatures.

I will probably have to remove the fountains.




The Kingdom of Emmethyr – a Minecraft Build

I’ve started working on an epic Minecraft build, like the ones that are always¬† featured on the Mojang blog or in Minecraft you tube videos. Yes, it’s kind of ambitious, but I’m giving myself plenty of time to do it. Also, it’s too hot to go outside or do much else, actually. So yes, I have plenty of time to build.

So, what exactly am I going to build? Well, I decided on a medieval Kingdom. I picked the name ‘Emmethyr’ for the Kingdom because it’s a cool sounding name. I’m not sure what it means or where it comes from, but hopefully it doesn’t mean anything offensive in a foreign language.

The next step is kind of tricky. Picking a spot to build. I figured that a bay or a cove would be great, especially if Mojang plans to add large ships in the future (otherwise the Kingdom is protected by a vast armada of single-person paddle boats). The dock itself was fairly easy to build. (I’m using creative mode right now)

A day may come when I find time to make the dock somewhat larger, but today is not that day

A day may come when I find time to make the dock somewhat larger, but today is not that day.

I’m still working on step three – mapping. This is important because I need to find out where all the good resources are. Of course, all the good resources are on the other side of the continent. Aside from about thirty random villages spread out around the base.

Note the massive forest and beautiful mountains several kilometers from my base.

Note the massive forest and beautiful mountains several kilometers from my base.

As for buildings, I have a couple of them done. I won’t do much more construction until I get a better idea of how large the Kingdom is and what kind of biomes are in it. Maybe the Capital will have treasures from all over the kingdom. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!